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ФрілансериEkaterina Dolzhenko

Україна Київ, Україна
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Kateryna Dolzhenko

1-a, Rodimzeva str., 03041 Kiev (Ukraine)
 [email protected]
Skype meridianna
Sex female | Date of birth 02/09/1990 | Nationality Ukraine
1 April 2016 -1 October 2016

12 June 2013 – 12 December 2013

01 November 2011 -

01 September 2012

01 July 2011 -
01 November 2011

01 June 2009 –
01 September 2009

01 March 2009 –
01 March 2011
Manager of PR and IR 
“Industrial Milk Company”, agricultural company, productions of grains;
Internship – rural development;
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAO
Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia; Land Tenure and Rural Development Group, Budapest, (Hungary);
- assistance in preparation of rural development measures (fiches) for the EU funded project " Pilot Support to IPA Rural Development Measures (PSIPARD)" in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- research and comparative study on IPARD program implementation in Western Balkan countries and Turkey.
Accounting and financial analyst;
Limited liability company "Skiff-control", re-selling and engineering, Kiev (Ukraine);
- accounting (inventory control; operations of sale and purchasing of goods; preparing reports for state tax office, for state statistic department; control of amortization of assets; documentation management);
- financial analytic (receivable and payables; plan and fact budget; trade analysis
(cost/benefit ratio); cash-flow statement; management of financial part during project implementation process).
Manager for technical support in trade services;
Investment group "Univer", Kiev (Ukraine);
- management of information about accounts of company’s customers;
- communication between brokers and traders;
- management of working platform for trade (terminal - Quik);
- assistance in preparing presentations and promotional events.
Company "AMACO", marketing department, Kiev (Ukraine);
- marketing analyse of advertisings from different competitors in media;
- assistance in organizing of exhibitions and field days;
- assistance in web-page administration;
- writing and translations of articles; (Ukrainian, Russian, English);
- analysis of customer surveys;
General manager in retail trade
Private entrepreneur, women lingerie shops, Kiev (Ukraine);
- supply chains management;
- selection range of products for trade in store;
- stock and asset management, accounting.
- financial and accounting reports and planning; cash-flow; budget statement;
- communication with employees;


01 September 2012 –
May 2014

01 September 2011 –

31 May 2012

01 September 2007 –
10 June 2011
Master's degree

Szent Istvan University, Godollo (Hungary);
Department of Economics and Social Sciences;
Specialization in Rural Development and Agribusiness;

Master's degree
National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine)
Department of Economics;
Specialization "Trade markets";
Thesis work “Analysis of stock markets in Ukraine ".

Bachelor's degree
National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, Kiev (Ukraine)
Department of Economics;
Specialization " Finance and credit" ;
- 40 % of subject in English language;

Mother tongue(s)
Ukrainian, Russian

Other language(s)
Spoken interaction
Spoken production


Replace with name of language certificate. Enter level if known.

Replace with name of language certificate. Enter level if known.

Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
Communication skills
- open to new communications; easy-going with new contacts gained from active position in school and university and from participation in different social events (volunteer work);
- feel free to make presentations and public speeches;
gained from experience of hosting of University concerts and official meetings;
Organisational / managerial skills
- experience in building of and working in teams gained during obtaining leader positions in school and University;
- managerial experience; ability and skills in organizing meetings, and writing programs for conducting social and formal events.
- experience of management of small organization (women lingerie shops with 5 employees);
- experience in assistance to start-up of small business (opening of new shop);
Job-related skills
- creative;
- result oriented and also enjoying the process of reaching the goals;
- mobile for travelling and new tasks;
- communicative;
- have good level of Ukrainian and English;
- aware about agricultural sector of Ukraine ;
- high level of computer literacy;
- experience in acting in multicultural environment;
Computer skills
PowerPoint (professional user); PreziDekstop;
Smart Sheet;
MS Excel (experienced user: reports, blanks, budget tables, statistic formulas and analyse);
MS Word (experienced user: articles, reports, documents).
1C 8.2 (experienced user)
Other skills
- art (drawing);
- literature ( philosophy, psychology);
- sports ( yoga, swimming, snowboarding);
Driving licence
Visegrad Journal on Bio-economy and Sustainable Development, “Approach of sustainable and inclusive regional development in the agricultural sector in Ukraine”, October 2013.
Journal of Central European Green Innovation
Visegrad scientific doctoral symposium , Multifunctionality and Regional Development, October 3-5, 2013;

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