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Україна Запоріжжя, Україна
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HTML/CSS верстання
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Firstly, I am capable for the design, layout and coding of a website. Secondly, I can work with the technical and graphical aspects of a website, the way it functions and looks.

Also, I could be involved in the maintaining and updating of an existing version of a site.

My occupation is a combination of computing expertise and creativity.

In the meantime:

-gathers the content elements including text, images, logos, video, sound and animation;

-lays out the web pages, placing elements to fit the design that has been agreed;

-tests the website interaction and identifies any technical problems;

-tests the website performance on different search engines and platforms.

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VN Star Development Group

HTML/CSS верстання HTML/CSS верстання

Web Development: wordpress
The main idea was to create a site that will be different from the other ones on the market. Because, the client is very flexible and want to build more courageous projects than competitors. That is why, I desided to make a site that will be felt like liquid — smooth transitions with no page reloads and minimalist look with blue accents.

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HTML/CSS верстання HTML/CSS верстання

MAY 2015
Web Development: wordpress.
The new website handcrafted with love.

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