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Dear client,

I imagine how hard is for you to make a developer choosing decision considering different uncertainties. However, I will try to dispel some of them.

I am 100% individual freelancer. This is my main and only occupation and my attitude toward it is very serious. I consider reputation above all.

I started Android development from the mid of 2015. Before it over 15 years I worked as CEO or Managing owner at different companies from various industries. Such wide experience allows me to better understand clients’ business needs and requirements and provide them high quality Android apps, which is proven by clients’ positive feedback.

Currently, I have successfully developed about 20 Android apps. You can find some of them at my portfolio at: 


Some of them are published at Google Play at:

The rest are for enterprise own use and are not published.

Many elements of Android application are already coded, optimized and tested by me, which can be used in your application. This will allow to reduce the development time (thereby the cost), and have a pretty reliable application.  

Moreover, I provide lifetime bug repair service for my code, which makes my clients to feel more confident and reduce future risks of application failure.

I develop only Android applications in native Java using Android Studio and modern concepts, approaches, and recommendations from Google and Android Corporations.

Other skills that I can use during development:

Firebase, Google APIs, JSON, REST, MySQLi, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Joomla, Wordpress.

You will have all property rights related to the application. However, I will reserve the right to mention by links, texts, references, screenshots, etc. that the applications is developed by me (for example: at UpWork or Freelancer).

I am flexible for any time zone and communication type.

Feel free to contact and hire me.

With best wishes,


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