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The start of my career was dedicated to learning disciplines necessary for foreign language teaching, practice at local schools, and doing research during my Bachelor Studies at the teacher training university in Chernihiv (Ukraine). The outcomes of my research enabled to understand and use the communicative methodology and innovative strategies at school. At that time I paid my attention to comparative linguistics, translation theory and practice, took part in conferences and panel discussions. This activity helped me to understand the nature of language, its structure and differences from some other languages.
My summer work in Germany was also useful from the linguistic point of view for the reason that English, German, Polish and Ukrainian languages were used, compared, and explored in a way while the workers from different countries needed to understand each other.
The next milestone of my professional life was entering Kyiv linguistic university where I decided to take Master Studies. It was obligatory to elaborate practical assignments in English and German and act as a teacher for university students. The task was definitely uneasy taking into account that it was necessary to work with adult people, the senior university students, but I coped with this task successfully and gained valuable experience.
The following step was made in October, 2013 when I applied for a job of English teacher and obtained this position at Mary Poppins language school in Chernihiv. So, I have been working there since that time till May, 2015. Simultaneously with teaching students, I was also a freelance editor at UvoCorp Ltd, Kyiv. This activity required not only doing some corrections in academic texts paying attention to the most relevant vocabulary and grammar structures, but also rewriting articles from time to time, covering a wide range of topics, specializations as well as following a particular style, format, and clients' remarks.
The development of civil society organizations in Ukraine after Maydan made consider the opportunities of project activity. Consequently, I started working as a capacity building manager at International Charity Foundation 'The Academy of Ukrainian Press' (AUP). Together with AUP team we managed to implement positive changes in the field of Ukrainian education and journalism. In this organization I significantly improved my translation and interpreting skills, learned the fundamentals of organizational development, submitted more than 50 grant applications, communicated with the representatives of foreign embassies and missions, wrote statute documents and policies. As a result, now I can do efficient translations, conduct the procedures of project monitoring and evaluation, hold the information campaign, prepare communication and PR strategies and deal with the project preparation.

 Currently, I am taking PhD courses in educational sciences to research the innovative media literacy strategies which can be used in education of adults.

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