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Hello 👋🏻 

My name is Daria and I’m from Ukraine temporary live in Germany. I’m open for works.  
My personal skills. I conduct effective data analysis, pay great attention to detail, have a mathematical mindset.  Interested in getting a position as a beginner in the field of marketing.

I have excellent problem solving skills. Participation in the development and implementation of project ideas. Ability to work in a team, analyze technical information. Attention to detail, initiative, adaptability.

My hobby. Learning foreign languages.  English, French

Sports, swimming. Reading books and free literature.

My education.
Odessa national university of food technologies.
Bachelor in the direction “Engineer-Technology of fermentation products»

Specialty - Winemaking, 2017-2021

Practice in France 2019

Odessa national university of food technologies.

Master degree of “Sensory analysis of food», 2021-2023

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