ФрілансериFeruza Kadirova

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Узбекистан Андижан, Узбекистан
13 днів 22 години тому
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на сервісі 13 днів 23 години
Фрілансер Feruza K. — Узбекистан, Андижан. Спеціалізація — Переклад текстів, Рерайтинг


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I am a Freelance Translator who is native in Uzbek and fluent in

English and Russian with a bachelor's degree

in Grammar and Translation (Andijan State University). In my

studies I specialized in general translation. I have

6 years of experience in translation, localization, editing and


I was born and raised in Uzbekistan, which is used to be a part


Soviet Union before its independence in

1991. Uzbekistan is currently a part of CIS countries, where

Russian is assumed to be the second language

after the native one. I am a bilingual in Russian and I have

successfully completed 9 years of education in


During my translation experience I translated different


books, contracts, CVs and agreements for

many clients and companies. I endeavour to provide my clients


a faithful translation, a translation

precisely conveys the meaning of the source text. I carefully

choose the words that would be confirm to the

grammar, syntax and idiom of the target language. I love languagesand crazy about writing. I believe that my

fluency in English and Russian and my native Uzbek help withd doinggreat job for you. Basically, if you need a anythingthat has to do with words and language; please, feel

freet toget in touch.

Warm Regards

Feruza Kadirova


120 $Contract translation

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50 $Translation

Переклад текстів

Translation of CV