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Isobar Ukraine is a full service digital agency. We are transforming businesses, brands and people's lives through the creative use of digital technology.

We're constantly looking for ways to make the interactions between brands and people more effective. In order to do it, we are looking for the smallest details that create and enhance the consumer's experience at every stage in the consumer journeyfrom awareness to purchase.

The purpose is to create a uniqueinspiring and relevant experience to enhance interaction between brands and consumers.

Навички та вміння


Packaging for Optilact

Дизайн упакування

The challenge
What is hidden inside the package of probiotics? Years of research, billions of colonies of cultures, and, of course, the benefits for those who hold it in their hands. ISOBAR Ukraine and ACINO in Ukraine have created a new look for the Optilact probiotic complex. The main task of ACINO was to differentiate the appearance of the product by age and compound categories, as well as to refresh the familiar look of pharmaceutical packaging.

Identity and packaging for the new drug Acino

Дизайн упакування

The challenge
A new product #TheseAreMushrooms enters the market, which improves mental activity and brain performance. We have developed a corporate identity and patterns for product visualization that will stand out on the market.

We breathe it in


The challenge

To make every Ukrainian aware of the dangers and seriousness of healthconsequences of dry wood and leaves burning.
Increase knowledge about alternative methods of dry disposal and mostimportantly - increase their use

The results
In one wave of the campaign, we raised the use of individual composting (eco-alternatives to incineration) from 6% to 50.1%. According to our data, 42% ofthose who stopped using the incineration method stopped doing so after seeingthe advertisement. About 62% of proactive communities report a reduction inincineration.
- from 60.3% to 69.2% the level of knowledge about alternative disposalmethods increased;
- 81.8% began to consider dry burning very or rather important.

The solution

We are conducting an educational campaign focusing on harm to humanhealth. We are talking about damage on behalf of the most vulnerable victims -grandchildren. After all, grandchildren are sacred! We choose a non-standardcreative form of horror. And the main thing is that we are not just scaring with achildren's call, but we are proposing a solution: we call for composting.
Our ecosystem consisted of:
- TV promo
- Digital promo
- Radio (cover of a folk song, adapted to the call not to burn dry woods andleaves)
And in addition - the partnership with theMegogoplatform, on which welaunched a fake "video trailer" for a horror film about burning dry woods andleaves.