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“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have a lost my mind in the process”. Vincent Van Gogh

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Graphic - Web designer.
Over 12 years of experience / Более 12 лет опыта работы.

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Graphic design, web design, user interface, photography, logo design, corporate identity, typography, brochures, posters, advertising, business card, flyers, books, art, paint, drawing, vector illustration, banners, print ready, interior design, floral design.

If you do respect yourself, then you will read. If not, I am sorry you.

Why You Should Never Agree
to Work on a Sample Design Project For Free

1. Time investment

Never devalue your time, it’s the one thing you can’t get back in life. To assure you’re working with serious businesses, you could also discuss consultation fees for your expertise to assure the project runs as efficiently as possible. It’s also important to keep in mind that the same about of time and skills goes into working on a project for free as for a paid gig because quality is important in both cases.

2. The financial aspect

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that working on a test or sample project for free will cause a gap in your financial status. It’s not recommended to work on a design project that’s less that $100, let alone for free when you could be using that time to play around with a personal project or court clients that will really respect your time. Graphic designers should not have to suffer, especially considering they are putting an equal amount of work in non-paid projects. It’s not fair for paying customers. Instead, you could agree to perform a sample project at a discounted rate only if the potential customer agrees through a contract to commit to and invest in promoting your agency as an in-kind sponsor if they are a 501(c)(3) so that the remind balance is tax deductible for the designers. Or consider asking the business to sign a retainer, meaning they’ve agreed to discussing any issues they might have with a project to allow the design team to correct them and the business is promising to commission additional projects in the future. This will balance out the work more evenly and make it financially worth the contribution.

3. Scams

Some people will ask for samples for free and they never really planned on paying you for your efforts. Think about the free things that you have in your life, like the free shirts that you use as rags. People are trained to devalue things that they receive for free because they are under the impression that they are cheap and not worth paying for. People that think this way will take a toll on your spirit and drain you for everything you’re willing to give.

4. Waste of effort

If you’re not desperate, and you’re getting projects frequently, there really is no need to offer a sample design project for free. There’s an 80/20 rule where only 20% of your customers will provide 80% if your income. Focus on the good customers that genuinely support you instead of chasing empty promises. If some can’t afford to pay for graphic design services, and they don’t trust you to work with out a test, it’s likely that they don’t have the resources to use the designs you would have provided effectively and may never trust your expertise.

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