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Kharkiv National University of Karazin, faculty of radiphysics, radiophysic and electronic specialty.

National Ukrainian Academy, remote education department, referent – translator specialty.

Kharkiv National University of Skovoroda, remote education department, the teacher of English language and literature.


(Not finished)

From 2005 to 2007

from 2007-2010


P R O F E S S I O N A L  IT E X P E R I E N C E 
March 2013 till Present
Sales and Marketing Manager/ Project Manager 

Searching for new clients at bidding and tender websites, social networks, internet, prospecting, first contact, communication, project evaluation, documents signing etc.

Marketing and SEO activity (low priority), creation of team presentations, ads materials, online publications, website management and update.

Work with existing clients and their requirements. Creation of projects documentation (web, mobile using use-cases approach) and discussion it with developer and client.

Research of technical methods for the development of features for the client’s project and explanation how it should work to the developers (web projects and software projects)

Creation of mock-ups, Game Design Documents creation, video scenarios writing

Projects planning (together with developers and designers)

Substitute of senior project manager during his vacations (working on 6 projects simultaneously)

Work with remote developers and designers hired by the company for the particular projects

Manual web and mobile testing, test-cases, use-cases

November 2012 till March 2013
Marketing Analyst

Analysis of current situation (digital marketing achievements, sales growth, user awareness etc.)

Analysis of the website and development of the list of requirements for website enhancements)

Creation of list of activities (for B2B marketing) which may solve the issues faced by the company (media, blogs publications, social networks and services, paid advertisements (PPC , PPS and PPA networks), content management, competitors analysis etc)

Development the list of indexes for competitors' research

Searching for marketing consulting services outside the company (US based consultant)

Communication with marketing contractors

Press-release writing and distribution

SMM (Linked In, Google+, Facebook, Twitter). Posting of company news, research of opportunities: PPC at social networks, postings at product related group. Massage research for target audience. Work with duplicated and fake profiles at social networks. 

Product study

SWOT analysis

Assigning the tasks to the developers, admins and designers for the approved  enhancements and tracking these activities

September 2012 to December 2012
Free-lance Project Manager/Virtual Assistant

Writing FAQ and user manuals

Replying to the tickets

Manual testing of functions, bug search, creation tasks to developers

Creation of features list which are in need to implement (sometimes finding information about technical methods of realization of these features)

Explanation of features to developers (from business view). Explanation of  product functions and how they must work for user

Setting up goals and time-frames for the development and bug fixing (close work with development team)

Communication with customer

August 2012 to November 2012
Bid Manager, Content writer
CUDEV (Service provider for Global Virtual Opportunities) 

Writing contents for company websites and profiles at Social networks and freelance websites.

Creation of bid templates and searching for new clients and projects for the company

Creation of the documents for the customer with descriptions and costs in accordance with company pricing

Communication with potential customers through massage systems and providing information to Project Manager for estimation of  costs and time frames

October 2011 – November 2012
Digital marketing manager/SMM manager
Global Virtual Opportunities Inc

Main duties:

Development of company marketing strategies in former CIS segment

SMM activities

SEO promotion of the company websites: press release submissions, catalogs submissions etc.

Assigning websites’ development tasks to designers and developers in accordance with provided by the customer requirements

Communication with VIP clients, solution of their issues, recommendations

Creating databases of potential customers, generating leads, direct sales of company products

Analysis of promotion results, re-orientation of marketing strategies in accordance with results.

Re-writing of company vacancies, information etc. for Job sites.

Search for training courses for developers to raise the skills, communication with couches regarding trainings.

Helping support specialists in solving customer related issues.

February 2011 – June 2011 
Research Writer
Livingston Research Group

Main duties:

Writing research papers, tests and essays in the following ares: literature, medicine (only literature researches), information technology, marketing, internet marketing, management, system administration, linguistics, history, sociology, psychology, physics etc.

June 2010 – August 2012
Business development manager
IT Catalogue (it-catalogue.net)

Main duties:

Communication with Ukrainian and foreign clients, training centers, IT agencies etc.

The development of business offers

Content management: writing and check of the content

Check the work of site administrator

SEO optimization, promotion, SMM, SERM, advertising, results monitoring Google.com, Google.com.ua, Yandex.ru

The creation and tracking of the developers' tasks

Bugs search

Daily system back up

Hosting management: CPanel, DirectAdmin

2008 – June 2010
Customer support
Namecheap (www.namecheap.com)

Main duties:

Sales-, Pre-sales and first level technical and billing support of domains and hosting via chats and ticket system (main systems Kayako, Modern Bill, Link Point, Cpanel, WHM etc.).

Emergency calls to the clients, technical staff, GNAX

Studying and updating of information about domain registration and hosting. SSL certificates and other services provided by the company.

Writing FAQ, Troubleshooters, KB articles.

Knowledge in managing and setting up SSLs from Comodo and Geotrust

Teaching and watching newbies during probation period


Advanced written English, intermediate spoken.

Technical, medical and fiction translation

Professional articles and descriptions writer, professional Virtual Assistant and Data researcher.

PC user ( Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point, OpenOffice,  all types of Internet Browsers, Outlook 2003 and later versions, Thunderbird, Balsamiq Mockups Builder, Paint Net, GIMP (basics), Adobe Photoshop (beginner)

Familiar with principles of work and a number of features of CMS (Joomla, Wordpress (able to create websites and pages, do basic edits in templates, install and set up plugin, edit CSS, move website at the webserver and manually update databses), MODx), CRM (SugarCRM, ZohoCRM), MantisBugTracker, Redmine, Hosting Management systems (Direct Admin, Cpanel, WHM, IPSManager), SMM applications (like HootSuite), Google Drive (documents, polls and charts creation and management)

Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML (passed several courses at CodeAcademy, read several ebooks)

Beginner Linux user

Intermediate knowledge of usability principles of web content

SEO optimizer for UA.Net/Ru.net (certified at SEO courses in Kiev), as a result have a deep understanding of SEO oriented web development and the functions which should be included into the website to make it SEO optimized.

SEO optimizer and link builder for English speaking segment (white hat SEO, press release distribution).

Deep understanding of social media marketing, content distribution through these channels, platform policies.

Able to carry out SWOT analysis, have understanding of SOSTAC model

Good in understanding customers and “What do they want?”. Fond of web development process.

Have an initial knowledge and understanding of development methodologies like Waterfall and Agile

Have an ability to understand technical principles, fond of studying new materials

Have leadership and motivational skills (Pedagogical education + own experience). Able to organize effective work.

Great in data search. Can find almost any information at the network – from studying materials to executive contacts at target segments.  

Have great analytical skills (based on data I am able to analyze, evaluate and make conclusions, as well as re-target an activity)




Self Studying


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