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ФрілансериMolnar Kristian

Україна Ужгород, Україна
7 місяців 30 днів тому
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Розробка під iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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Kristian Molnar

Azinec LLC


Kristian has more than 3 years experience as a iOS Developer, mainly in Swift. In addition to technical proficiencies, Kristian has an upper-intermediate English spoken/written communication skills, knowledge of Agile Scrum methodology.

Worked on more than 10 commercial projects. Here is the description for couple of them:

  • Champy
    • Champy is an app that helps you set up good habits and get rid bad ones. You can set up a habit by doing something at least 21 days in a row..
    • 4 people team.
    • Role: iOS Developer.
    • Technologies used:
      • Languages: Swift
      • Frameworks: HealthKit.
      • IDE: XCode.
    • Duration of the project: 3 months.
  • Smiley Hunter
    • Basic Candy crush like iOS Game.
    • 1 person team.
    • Role: iOS Developer.
    • Technologies used:
      • Languages: Swift,
      • Libraries: SpriteKit, Firebase.
      • IDE: XCode.
    • Duration of the project: 1 month
  • Plug Spot
    • With PlugSpot you can easily find a place nearby to charge your phone and recharge yourself with a cup of delicious coffee or whatever you wish at the moment
    • 3 people team.
    • Role: iOS Developer
    • Technologies used:
      • Languages: Swift.
      • Libraries: CoreLocation, Google Maps, GoogleGeolocation.
      • IDE: Xcode.
    • Duration of the project: 6 months.
  • Medico
    • Health care app for Moscow and ST. Petersburg. Using this app you can easily call for a doctor or get first aid based on your geolocation.
    • 5 people team
    • Role: iOS team Lead
    • Technologies used: Swift, CoreLocation, Google Maps, Google Autocomplete, Google Places, Native Touch ID, Custom security methods
    • Duration 10 months
  • MogulsKitchen
    • App for food delivery in London
    • 7 people team,
    • Role: iOS Developer and supervisor
    • Technologies used: Swift, Paypal, Stripe, Discrete mathematics
    • Duration: 9 months
  • Fotgester
    • App for restaurants. Using this app the visitors can vote the current music in the restaurant/Pub/others.
    • 2 people team
    • Role: iOS Developer,
    • Technologies used: Swift, Firebase Real Time Database, FCM, Firebase Analytics, Core locations, Stripe, Paypal
    • Duration: 5 months
  • UpWeather
    • Weather app for tvOS/iOS/Android
    • 3 people team
    • Role: iOS Developer/Lead
    • Technologies used: tvOS SDK, Swift, Firebase, Geolocation Methods
    • Duration: 1.5 months

Other Proficiencies

Areas of expertise:

  • Geolocation monitoring, Core Location
  • Google maps
  • Apple Maps
  • MapBox
  • Real Time charging Detecting
  • Socket IO
  • Remote APIs
  • Firebase
  • UI animations
  • Local databases
  • Developing modules for cordova
  • Basic features with sprites & iOS Game Dev
  • Apple Wallet
  • Protocol-oriented programming with swift 3
  • Swift on BackEnd
  • Developing my own CocoaPods
  • iBeacons and triangelization
  • Health kit
  • tvOS SDK


  • Web:  MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Mobile: Realm, CoreData, SQLite

Version Control:

  • Git – Github, BitBucket.


  • Superior proficiency with XCode IDE


  • Master of science in software engineering, Uzhhorod National University.

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