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We can change the world, we gotta change the way we think about it

Україна Івано-Франківськ, Україна
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I've been working in IT from the school years. I developed my first useful website (information for hikers in our mountain area) when I was 15 years old. By the 2012, when I graduated from University with Master in Computer Science Degree, I developed about 20 websites for local organizations and companies (usually using Wordpress and Joomla). In 2012 I became a post-graduate student, and by now my PhD thesis, connected with data mining, signal analysis and artificial intelligence, had  passed the pre-defence, so, likely in this year I will become a PhD.Along with my work in university, I've started to work for SEOHammer Ukraine Company, getting the results of SEO audits and fixing the technical and some technical issues on commercial web-sites and landings. During a year of working for this company, I've done fixing for more than 30 websites, which were developed on Joomla, Wordpress, ModX, Drupal and some custom CMSs.After leaving this company, I've started working in the Hachup team of freelancers as a SEO Analyst. I've done SEO audit for 6 projects and for one I did the SEO issues fixing and copywriting, which allowed the website for jump from the 26th position in Google to 12th without increasing the count of internal links.For the last two projects of Hachup Team I've also done Selenium automation tests. From the summer 2015, I am freelancing, designing landing web-pages with my two friends. At university I've also got the experience of Linux Server Administration and Moodle and BigBlueButton administration.My hobby is coding for society (see at my portfolio), so I founded the NGO "Azimuth" to make more projects that help people to become better in their thoughts and deals. And also I like playing the guitar and piano and mountain hiking.

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