Denys S.

ФрілансериDenys Sergushkin

Україна Харків, Україна
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I'm a UI/UX designer based in the heart of Ukraine. I'm specializing in product design and creating innovative, multi-platform digital experiences (web, mobile, app). My approach combines strategic business acumen, technical knowledge, and hands-on design skills. I try to create better experiences on our screens and in our pockets, so that we might regain some sanity and essentially, time. My design is informed with the logic of our current limitations, but also the understanding of human interactions. What I do is to connect human behavior and technologies through user interfaces.

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• Softwares: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Axure, InVision App, Principle.

• Specialties: UI/UX Design, Visual Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Interaction Design, Problem Solving, Branding (Identity), Mobile/Tablet Design, Research & Analytics, Strategy & Planning

Feel free to say hello!

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Hantverk leather goods

Дизайн сайтів Дизайн сайтів

Website with mobile version for Hantverk. Hantverk is a company which creates stylish leather goods, based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The main goal in development of website and mobile version was to create a unique vision of brand, which combines modernity and simplicity. Main target audience of Hantverk are an advanced young people, who appreciate the convenience, minimalism and freedom.


Adriano Celentano: charismatic pickup guru

Дизайн інтерфейсів Дизайн інтерфейсів

This project was created for real men and lovers of female beauty and attractiveness. In main role the master of pickup, I decided to present famous Italian actor, musician and singer - Adriano Celentano. The charismatic man who possesses the secret of popularity among the beautiful and world famous women. The site consists from Landing Page and few pages with test. After passing the test, you can get advice from Adriano and understand how to conquer women's hearts. Perhaps you will be able to win the same popularity as that of Adriano Celentano. Good luck!

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Poster Look Around

Дизайн виставкових стендів Дизайн виставкових стендів

Poster "Look Around Full set of posters is coming soon. Keep waiting, I’ll show you more as soon as possible.



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