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Algorithmic trading & Python

4000 ₴

  1. 42  
    5 днів4000 ₴

    Good afternoon. I have experience in programming automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Perhaps I can cope with your tasks. Technical English, Pyhton, DBMS, etc. .. Let's try

  2. 52  
    30 днів50 000 ₴

    In general, I can help you to solve this problem.
    But the cost depends on the details in those tasks.
    I work in the range of 25-30 $/h

  3. 52  
    15 днів4000 ₴

    Hi. Ready to start to work. I'm Python developer(exp. 3 years). Behind the back there are a couple of python projects. English in intermediate level.

  4. 147    1  0
    29 днів4000 ₴

    Hello. I am highly interested in your project!
    I have a great knowledge of Python and its libraries, which include all mathematic operations, that can help to implement your algorithm. Also I have a good knowledge of mathematics, so it can help us to understand each other. Beside this, I can easily contact you in Skype to clarify all the details.
    I am looking forward to working with you.

  5. 264  
    30 днів50 000 ₴

    Dear Frederic,

    interesting project. I rarely bid on projects, however this one looks very interesting, since it is similar to what I am developing myself, albeit on a different scale I imagine. Mine is linked to algorythmic intraday forex trading. Since you mentioend IB, I presume you will be dealing with stocks.

    First of all some words about myself. I am former market risk manager, certified FRM, so I understand financial markets a little bit. I used to develop arbitrage trading and hedging models for a steel producer. My technical stack includes R and Python for statistics mainly, some JS for frontend. I am familiar with software development as well including databases and GUI's.

    This is a preliminary bid, because it is difficult to understand the scope of the project at this moment. I am more interested in the possible business venture, your knowledge of math plus my knowledge of markets and programming, rather than one off project.

    Let me know if you want to discuss this further.


  6. 334    3  0   1
    30 днів4000 ₴

    Hello, I'm front-end web dev with good knowledge of Python, I'm interested in trading, investment and business, so I think that I really fit for your project as a programmer and person to work with!

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  8. 3076    78  0
    5 днів4000 ₴

    Good day,

    I am interested in your project, would be glad to hear more details.
    Also experienced in neural networks for predictions (I have working models, they could be rewrited for your needs).

    Would be glad to help you!

  9. 2513    43  0   1
    123 дні4000 ₴

    I'm an experienced Python Developer. Also I'm young and very motivated to move up the ladder. I'm fluent in a lot of Python libraries especially libraries for automation and creating advanced logic. I have no problem with algorithms. Also I'm always open to learn something new. My English level is B1-B2. My hour rate: 16USD. I have the possibility to work 4 hours a day. I'm highly interested in your project. Waiting for your feedback.

  • Максим Б.
    29 січня 2020, 12:10 |

    Good day,

    What version of Python is used? Are there any extra technologies on project?

    Sales are formed with API's of external serviced? Are there neural networks on project?

  • Frederic Butin
    31 січня 2020, 16:26 |

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your message.

    Python version is 3, and for now there is no other technologies on project.

    Neural network will be another part of the project.

    Yours faithfully