Додайте свій проєкт безкоштовно й почніть отримувати пропозиції від фрілансерів-виконавців вже за лічені хвилини після публікації!

B2B copywriter (Software topic)

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    Hi, I have a lot of experience in IT, Blockchain and Fintech. Worked for Merehead, Softengi, Movavi, Ideamotive, Minty Mint. I created different materials for EU, USA, Canada, Asia. I can send you the materials in direct.

    Level of english - C1.

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    Hi Alina,
    I am philologist of English
    I have more than 5 years of experience in copywriting and translating
    I can send you my examples of articles in messages
    The price is 170 UAH for 1000 sws

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    I am interested in working on your project.
    1. Copywriting articles of any subject.
    2. Rewriting.
    3. Translation and correction from 4 languages (English, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian).

    Cooperating with me, YOU GET:
    1. Qualitatively completed the task specified conditions.
    2. Absolute adherence to deadlines.
    3. Edits and additions in the process.
    4. Reasonable prices and quality work.

    Please contact me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Hello, I have been successfully writing SEO texts in English for 5 years. The cost is $30 per 1000 words. The topics of IT-sphere are familiar to me. You can find examples of texts in the portfolio.

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    Hi. I am ready to help you.

    My name is Mike Cho. I am a result-oriented writer. I have experience in various academic fields including technology, social science, architecture, psychology, business, and other. I strive to deliver a quality writing service way before the deadline for my clients.
    My fundamental principles are quality articles, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. My papers are of high quality with 0% Plagiarism. The ideas I bring into every custom writing are purely original. I deliver comprehensive papers that have a logical flow and are easily understandable. I have a great passion for education and mostly spend my time doing research and reading books. My four years' experience in essay writing services has equipped me with excellent skills that ensure my papers are of the best quality leading to outstanding grades. I am ever-present and can work on an urgent order with much ease.

    Rate: $2 per 100 words


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    Здравствуйте Алина. Уровень английского C2. Есть хороший опыт. Можете посмотреть портфолио. Цена за 100 слов $3. Обращайтесь.

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    Добрый день! Английским языком владею в совершенстве, есть большой опыт переводов и создания текстов . lived in Uk 3 years
    Цена 75 грн за 1000 зн бп

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    Good day, Alina!
    I am very interested in your project!
    I am an SEO copywriter with 2.5 years of experience in writing SEO-optimized sales and informational texts in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.
    Examples of texts and reviews can be viewed in my portfolio here on the site, or I can send them to you for consideration in personal correspondence.
    I propose to discuss all the details of the work in Personal Messages!
    Write! I will be glad to cooperate with you!

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