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81000 ₴

Backend​ mid/senior​ level​ PHP/Laravel​ software​​ engineer

минув час актуальності

Fincue is an international Fintech oriented company which offers the
full technology solutions to the financial organizations. We  are  looking
for a backend mid-senior level PHP/Laravel software engineer with
significant experience in building distributed and scalable systems to
join  our  growing  team.

Skill  Requirements
-Excellent  written  and  verbal  communication  skills,  we  use  Slack
for daily communications alongside with occasional, quick
WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom.Us calls. We prefer to
over-communicate than leave some issues questionable
-Expert skills in PHP and Laravel framework
-Experience in building scalable & distributed systems, making
good software architecture decisions
-Experience with queue systems, background jobs and
scheduled tasks, like RabbitMQ, Redis queues, AWS SQS,
Beanstalk and Supervisor
-Deep understanding of OOP principles and design patterns
alongside with PSR standards
-Good knowledge of the relational and non-relational database
systems, specifically MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
and Redis
-Good knowledge of related web technologies and principles,
like HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/ES6, compilers like Sass/PostCSS
and build tools like Gulp/Webpack
-Good analytical skills is a must, developing the complex
technical solutions happen in the mind, not in the code editor ●
-Should be comfortable with the CLI and be able to do basics of
Linux server configuration and management, mostly for
-Should be comfortable with Git based workflows, we use a
modified version of well known Gitflow. CLI usage is preferable,
but you can use any GUI tool like SourceTree or GitKraken
-Good understanding of the software development and project
management cycle and workflows. We heavily rely on GitLab
and Scrum Sprints
About  the  Role
You  will  be:

● Working closely with the rest of the team to analyze, plan and
accomplish the challenging tasks
● Involved in the decision making processes, as we favor
teamwork over individualism
● Working from one of our offices in Tbilisi or Kiev or remotely
from the home, though, European timezone availability is
● Working comfortably on your own terms to accomplish goals,
without being micro-managed from the project manager, but
shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or for help when necessary
● Working independently, without supervision and respect The
Zone of the teammates
● Taking challenge to research and learn the new technologies
● Using Giphy memes and other internet hijinks in the daily

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    Tigran Ayvazyan
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    Greetings Alexander!
    While reading through the job openings I came across with this one which seemed me one of the best projects to work on.
    I have worked exclusively within the web development field for the past five years, and in that time, have worked on a wide variety of projects which gave me a big experience and helped me to buld an impressive portfolio
    For your convenience, my enclosed portfolio items contain real proofs about my experience and qualifications
    1) www.petffortless.com
    3) ci.groupmarks.com
    I am excited to pursue a career with your development team and would like to demonstrate how I am an ideal fit for this position
    I believe that the true business relationships are built on trust. You have to be confident in your partner when you do a business together. I apply it to both my business career and personal life and it proved to be working great over the years
    I appreciate your time in considering my request to discuss the further details.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Вірменія Erevan | 8 грудня 2017 |
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    Михаил Горностай

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