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Bеб дизайн свадебного видео и фото сервиса.

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Надо переделать уже существующий вэбсайт. Добавить фотосервис

We have checked your existing website http://www.boris-studio.com and found that it's developed using HTML pages only with very basic design and informative pages, also there are lot of bugs & issues in the website which we need to resolve while redesigning the new website. These issues are like:- Website is not mobile responsive, Header Menus are not visible, Site map is missing, color theme is very plain, Portfolio Video & Images look very elongated & not aligned well and many others.

We would recommend you to redevelop your website with new attractive design & ordinary features using PHP based Wordpress CMS which will provide you the backend feature, through which you can do all the modifications, updates & changes in the website without taking any help from others. Also you will not have to spend any extra money for this as the complete source code will be your property.

Below are the recommendations I gathered from my technical team that needs to be taken care at the time of remodelling of website:-

1- Color theme is absolutely plain and it needs to be improved.
Once you click any image link, the Images corresponding to it looks very elongated, which needs to improved for the user to have a better look.
The speed of the site needs to be improved by working on the HTML and fixing some of the issues available there.
- The websites are quite flat in the design ( the designs needs to be changed completely in order make these look great ), for that we will be using web 2.0 HTML 5 design.
Website is not responsive (not mobile browser compatible), we need to make these websites responsive which will help user to use it on mobile devices in a proper layout.
Menu should be more clear and effective and Sub-categories should be added under main category in order to make it easier and convenient for the user.
The spacing between the images is not good which makes the page look more blank than it should.

8- Lot of space given on the pages is left blank, which needs to be fixed.

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