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120 000 ₽

CAT/Localization Specialist for a US-based LSP

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  1.  30 днів 120 000 ₽

    As a former law(English/Ukrainian languages) and logistics(Polis/English languages) student, I am familiar with lots of file formats. I am dedicated, honest and reliable.

    Currently, I am working and living as a part-time employee at EST, thus it is not a problem for me to compare my time-table with yours. Doing lots of translates and speaking on a daily basis I am more than confident applying to this position.

    Being perfectly honest with you, I am not proficient in using CAT tools. However, I am taking proud in my ability to learn fast. If you have the patience to share tech skills with me, you will grow a top-notch dedicated specialist for your company.

    Feel free to contact me at @jackishere or at [email protected] in order to discuss details.