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App 1)

We a searching for a dedicated team of developers, who can create an app similar to http://www.smartly.io/

You can visit the website, try out the app for free, understand how it works and what needs to be done and if you are ready - contact me.

The deadline is 1-2 months. We will negotiate the price.

Professional attitude is mandatory for this project.

App 2)

We need to create an application similar to this one https://apps.shopify.com/hurrify-countdown-timer

The idea is the same, just more functions. We will be able to provide you with more specifications via personal messages.

App 3)

Looking for a developer who can successfully design a facebook software for FB messenger.

Overview: An app that syncs up shopify’s new facebook messenger features with an autoresponder/ email marketing campaign creator

Minimal Viable Product Features: 1. The ability to create and store a list of people who have opted into your business’s facebook messenger 2. The ability to create autoresponder sequences after someone buys an item from your shopify store. 3. The ability to create a campaign and send a message to all the customers on a stored list

Full Product Features: 1. The ability to segment your lists like the way mailchimp can. Segmenting the lists based off of which items the customer has bought 2. Ability to send auto responses suggesting other products that they might want to buy based off of what the customer has already bought (option to be done automatically based on app collecting data from the store and seeing which items typically sell together and another option where user can input which items should be linked)

The login details to both Shopify and Facebook company page will be provided to the developer.

App 4)

Create a shopify app that imports products from aliexpress into shopify store.

The functionality should be similar to https://apps.shopify.com/ali You are free to watch the video, test this app, understand how it works and apply. The deadline - 1 month maximum The price is negotiable.


  1. 14 днів8000 ₴
    Александр К.
     1315  перевірений   11    0

    Добрый день!
    Меня зовут, Александр. Готов выполнить Ваше задание. В какое время будет удобно обсудить детали?
    Немного информации о моей Команде:

    Мы профессиональная команда дизайнеров и веб-разработчиков.
    Работаем по принципам:
    - удовлетворение потребностей Заказчика вовремя и в срок;
    - взаимодействие с Заказчиком на всех стадиях работы над продуктом;
    - изменение требований на любой стадии разработки;
    - над проектом работают мотивированные профессионалы;
    - работающий проект – основной показатель прогресса.
    Ведем разработку на Python/Django , по методологии SCRUM.
    Последние наши работы:
    http://яигра.рф, klo.talisman-sk.com.ua, Gift.talisman-sk.com.ua, http://easydealphuket.net

    Україна Київ | 13 січня 2017 |
  2. 1 день200 ₴
    Сергей Зен
     262   2    0

    I can create the apps. Precise budget and development time will be set after discussing the details. Looking forward for details.

    Україна Одеса | 16 січня 2017 |

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