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Content Manager for Online Shop (remote work)

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  2.  31 день 14 000 ₴

    Hello there, Andrii!
    1. I`m applying for your job as it is of a great interest to me concerning conent writing and awesome games as well.
    2. Typing speed - 200 strokes per minute
    3. You know that a man remains a child till the very end of his life, so the work regrding the hobby will become a hobby too. D2/3 +WoW are my favourite ones.
    4. RvR raiding and relic swapping, in old frontier DAoC
    5. 30+ hrs/week, 200 days/year
    6. 1 week trial for 3$/h, 5$/h if longterm
    7. using VPN
    8. CV:
    I have good experience in content creation for websites/blogs
    Among the latest ones - allofeco.com, bestdietary.com and bestdietary.com .
    I create articles for various topics.
    I have good experience in both Writing and Editing

    Also, translate freelance since high school - 7 years (My language pairs: English-Ukrainian-Russian).

    What you get when you hire me:
    ✓ Well researched article
    ✓ Ghostwritten. All rights will be transferred to you.
    ✓ Original content
    ✓ Excellent grammar + flowing ideas
    I will spend a fair amount of time doing the necessary research and will be thorough in the process involved.

    In addition, I have 3 years of experience working in IT companies (web-service and software development firms), communicating with customers from abroad, so I know their slang in both my mother tongue and English.
    Also, I always welcome challenges as they give me an awesome chance to grow professionally

    Will be waiting for your response and hope for fruitful long term cooperation
    Thanks in advance and
    Best regards,

    Taras Kovaliuk
    Freelance Writer and Translator

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