Розмістіть свій проєкт безплатно й почніть отримувати пропозиції від фрилансерів-виконавців уже за лічені хвилини після публікації!

Copywriter needed for our Kickstarter project

3000 ₴

Відгук замовника про співпрацю з Эллиной Р.


Эллина восхитительный работник. Выполняет сверх того, что от нее ожидается. По факту стала членом нашей команды в роли не только копирайтера, но и контент-менеджера, маркетолога.
Всегда на связи, неимоверно инициативна и креативна.

Відгук фрилансера про співпрацю з Артёмом Коломойцем

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Рада сотрудничеству с Артёмом и командой! Интересные задачи, отличный опыт, всегда на связи. Искренне рекомендую!

Эллина Р. | Сейф Сейф

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    3 дні200 ₴

    I’m very interested in your project. As this is my main specialization. I’m ready to work in large volumes and I’m interested in a long-term cooperation.
    -I’m an English philologist.
    -Also speak French and Polish.
    -Russian and Ukrainian are native.
    -I’ve been taking English and Russian copywriting course.
    -I have an experience working as a content-manager for Instagram and Facebook pages (making a content-plan, writing selling and information posts, publication, photo selection etc.)

    First of all I value my reputation, professional growth and the level of satisfaction of my clients.
    That’s why I offer lower rates for the first order.
    If you are satisfied with my work, we’ll discuss the details of our further work.

  2. ставка прихована фрилансером
  3. ставка прихована фрилансером
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    90 днів200 ₴

    Greetings! It seems I have all the necessary attributes you're looking for in a copywriter.
    Here are some examples of my work:
    1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/59njagf330fdc36/Article%20-%20RFI%20and%20Tips%20to%20Choose%20Software%20Development%20Vendor.pdf?dl=0
    2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fqh5gmhekg6ft19/Article%20-%20Advantages%20of%20Distributed%20Development%20Teams%20and%20Ways%20to%20Become%20Remote.pdf?dl=0
    I'm leaving the assessment of my writing skills up to you.
    Aside from informative and SEO-oriented articles, I've written hundreds of posts for Quora. I also write Academic texts for University and College students in the USA on 4writers.net. If you want some examples of my essays or research papers - contact me or feel free to take a glimpse at my portfolio.

    I'm eager to work on a complex ongoing project like yours. I have enough expertise and time to dedicate myself to collaboration with you.
    If you're interested in my services, please contact me so we can discuss the details!

    Sincerely, Georgii.

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    Переможець90 днів3000 ₴

    Hi Artem!
    I'm very interested in taking part in your project as a copywriter. I lived and studied abroad, including the United States, and have the Cambridge Business English Certificate (C1). I'm based in Dp, so I can take part in your team meetings, if needed.
    Please PM me for further details.

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    8 днів6000 ₴

    Hi there!

    I'm a brand strategist from https://fedoriv.com and https://bbdo.ua

    You have a cool product, no doubts. I'd like to be a part of your "to the moon" path and make the Kickstarter audience be like:
    1. OMG, how innovative and cool this hardware is! I see very clearly all the advantages of it and I understand the concept+principles+values.
    2. Well hell yeah with THIS kind of team chRget would definitely proceed growing/build their product, this team is professional one I believe in them.
    3. How much? The price is not an issue, I see the value and I love the idea. I'm pledging right... now!

    I'm not a copywriter, not a designer, I'm a brand strategist with art© skills. You can see my work for Ukrainian SMBs on the link below (everything from A to Z was made there by me, sometimes even a company logo):


    Have you defined the goal for the Kickstarter campaign already? I'd like to hear more about that. Feel free to share your vision and materials (if there are already some) in PM. Also, I'm available for the communication in Telega messenger: mariagorbik


  7. ставка прихована фрилансером