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Developing a system of indicators for customer assessment and creating

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    Good day.
    Power BI is best for creating an interactive scorecard for evaluating customers and creating an interactive model for predicting change. To see this in action, I propose a free trial release of the dashboard on your database. If this release report satisfies your request, we will further clarify the terms of reference, cost and timing of the creation of the original report.

  • Сергей Никонов  (спілкування на форумах обмежено до 15 квітня)
    11 квітня о 02:24 |

    Hello Olga

    This task is not for PowerBI, GS or Excel. It is for Python or R.

    "Order Dataset 10 Years" - CSV or DB?

    "an interactive model" - Who should the model interact with and how?

    Need more detailed specification, data subsample and discussion.