Додайте свій проєкт безплатно й почніть отримувати пропозиції від фрілансерів-виконавців уже за лічені хвилини після публікації!
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Дипломна англійською мовою. Master thesis in English

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    Dear Сергей,
    I am sending you a brief info here below. In addition, you could see the details by the link:

    Ph.D. (Business Planning in agricultural enterprises in adaptation to a market economy) in 2009, NAU, Kyiv
    Master with honors, International Business Management (The analysis of export potential of grain in Ukraine), 2005, NAU, Kyiv

    Author of 14 scientific articles, two practice recommendations for enterprises with monographic book and 10 recommendations for students (statistics, economical analysis, investment analysis, econometrics, management, enterprise economy, etc) monographs on lease farms. Now work as a project manager at hydro energy sector.
    Hope for the fruitful cooperation :)

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    I am ready to write your thesis. I am the author of different scientific papers and articles.
    Ready to cooperate with you)

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    I'm very much interested in your project. I have written a lot of theses in English (I can provide you with my portfolio in personal messages). My English level is C1. Let's discuss all the details and cooperate together.

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    Hello. I can help with writing this project with experience of writing such works for European universities