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12 000 ₴

E-commerce (MMO Games)

минув час актуальності

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  1.  30 днів 25 000 ₴

    First of all i am almost native in English language. I can bet none one on this platform can compete with me.

    I have photoshop skills so taking pictures editing is not at all anything near to hard.

    I can create amazing and stunning videos in the gaming. Pinch me game along with description so i can learn more about that particular product.

    Here i am answering your questions as well;
    1. Why are you applying for this position? Which responsibility do you find the most/the least appealing and why?
    I am applying because i am fast learner. I am IT geek person. The thing i find good that is communications with the members. Engaging the audience making good presence.

    2. Typing speed (words/strokes per minute via 10fastfingers)
    I can type as much tiger run fast around 60-80 PM.

    3. Experience in online gaming industry and D2 D3 WoW knowledge
    Just gathering about it. I was playing mostly COD. Now i will learn more about it.

    4. MMO accomplishments (only list impressive things that take thousands of hours)
    As i said i just started so how i can say accomplishment i am saying true because here honesty matters.
    5. Weekly and yearly availability (how many hours and days per week you want to work)
    I am available all day - tell me how much time you needed by me.

    6. Preferred trial and long-term hourly price
    i am applying here for long term relationship .

    7. Can you play without ping issues on servers located in Europe and America?
    Yes! of course.

    Cover letter (sell yourself!)
    I got dynamics ability because i been in internet stuff and gaming (lately) too. So you got products want to sell i am gonna make sure that YOUR products features i elaborate to the audience rightly.
    What i am gonna do Deliver your audience what's they looking for. Because at the end of the all what shines gets sold.
    I won't brag i am this and that, i am just person to whom if you give task, i will give me 110% back.

    Abi Man