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10 000 ₴

English speaking helper

  1. 89  
    1 день10 000 ₴

    Hello, ready to get to work
    I know English well.

    Доброго времени суток, сделаю все качественно и в заданный срок!

  2. 650

    2 дні8 000 ₴

    Здравствуйте.Имею опыт работы контент-менеджером,smm-менеджером,копирайтером,рерайтером и преподавателем английского языка более 3х лет.Готов обсудить все рабочие моменты.Буду рад сотрудничеству.

  3. 2615    33  0
    30 днів10 000 ₴

    Hello Andrew! Would be great to know the details of your project. Can work 6 hours a day easily. Thanks in advance for more info.

  4. 1227    26  0
    30 днів10 000 ₴

    Good night, Andrew! I'm ready to discuss details of the project. Can work 6 hours a day.

  5. 91  
    10 днів10 000 ₴

    I am ready to work on your project. My level of English is C1. I have lived and studied in Canada for 4 months.

  6. 102  
    30 днів10 000 ₴

    Good Evening.
    Can work 6- 8 hours a day easily. Had experience as Customer Support Representative ( with Native speakers).
    Can you please tell me in what field does your company specializes?
    Will be happy to discuss all the details on your job.
    Hope for our cooperation.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Профіль видалено
    19 жовтня 2017 |

    Hello! I would like to know what is this project about? 

  • andrew sam
    19 жовтня 2017 |

    We need another pair of hands, support so to say. Checking emails, writing reports and making calls. 20 percent of work will be on the phone, the rest is to fill out corporate forms and helping to apply for particular services.

  • Профіль видалено
    19 жовтня 2017 |

    I see. Why are you looking for someone from Ukraine?

  • andrew sam
    19 жовтня 2017 |

    Two reasons:

    1. 10000 UAH is good enough for work from home in Ukraine and not enough for someone from states.

    2. Большынство команды работает из Украины =)