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ETL data processing with Python

минув час актуальності

We are looking for a talented Python developer to work with our analytics and data science back-end. This role will include productizing algorithm and machine learning scripts to improve performance. Building deployment and validation processes. The ideal candidate will have the ability to break up complex problems into manageable parts. Delegate and prioritize tasks to internal and external resources. Collaborate with the data science and ops teams. Report progress to management and users.


  • 2 to 5 years of Python experience, functional and OOP style

  • Should be comfortable with: SQLAlchemy, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, Boto3

  • Strong SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL

  • Experience optimizing and parallelizing code

  • Experience with asynchronous patterns in Python, Celery or Asyncio

Nice to have

  • Experience writing scientific software in Python

  • Background in science or engineering

  • Experience with a scheduler such as AirFlow or Jenkins

  • Other technologies: Redshift Spectrum, Spark, Hadoop

Workload: Half-time or Full-time

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    Alex Maslakov

    I've worked with almost all of those, except Boto3 and "optimizing and parallelizing code". Nonetheless, I've done parallel programming in other languages.

    My CV - gildedhonour.me

    I'm in the Mexican time-zone. Let's discuss.

    Грузія Тбілісі | 18 квітня о 22:10 |