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Excel Spreadsheet Programming

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We have a price list in an excel spreadsheet with thousands of products. We need to be able to search the spreadsheet via code, price or description etc and output the information in a spreadsheet as an invoice.

The system must generate a unique reference number for each quote.

The invoice must be editable, so additional discounts or mark ups can be applied.

  1. 10 днів300 $
    Alexander Kulentsov

    Can do it in two ways:
    - Java application.
    - webservice.

    Україна Київ | 23 квітня 2015 |
  2. 5 днів40 $
    Никита Серафимович
     198   2   0

    Good afternoon.
    Have active experience in Excel with VBA macros more 4eh years. Faced with various tasks for the collection and processing of data.
    If interested in my services please send the terms of reference and samples by email [email protected]
    Seraphimovich Nikita

    Україна Херсон | 24 квітня 2015 |

James Bennett
США Detroit
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23 квітня 2015
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