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Health technology app

минув час актуальності

Health technology app. Involves linking patients to pharmacist consultation and recommendation

free w ads

> scan label/barcode for OTC drug prices

> can also look up drug name/drug class

> after scanning get basic drug info like direction, special warnings, drug interactions, storing information

> also get store info like distance, phone #, store hours

Monthly service

> 24-hour service where you can call a pharmacist to ask about otc

> ability to make a cart to compile all you purchases to get a total and where it is cheapest

> save purchases so you can search it faster in the future

> with the on-call service, the helping pharmacist can help the patient organize their cart and select the otc products they want

> future add-ons

> no ads

Freelancer will need to deliver

Developing the app

Qualities needed to be successful

Experience with two way video communication and product bar code scanning.

  1. 30 днів100000 ₴
    Александр Арбузов

    do you have an example of app which we can see in app store or play market now? Would you be so kind to share some more spec if you have, or we can discuss deeply via private messages.

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    Україна Київ | 5 грудня 2016 |

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3 грудня 2016
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