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Hidden VNC with BackConnect server for assistance.

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I need a hidden VNC module for remote assistance. 

HVNC works like VNC but the only difference is it creates a virtual desktop 

so whatever is done in that session is not visible to the user using the computer.

Here is some explanation and dummy code for the same:


If you do not know what is HVNC and reverse socks please don't bid here. Should be able to bypass various firewalls.

HVNC should be reverse connecting.

BackConnect transfers trafic between my UltraVNC and hVNC, this is done in order not to open the port on the computer where the hVNC is installed

hVNC must generate random password at start and send it to BackConnect server, 

BackConnect server will open random port to transfer connection

between my VNC Viewer and PC with hVNC, after that BackConnect will show this text in console:

"New client, password = {password} opened port = {opened port}"

when i put in my VNC Viewer (UltraVNC as example) ip:port (BacbConnect_IP😛ORT_from_console)

and press 'Connect' hVNC must request password, if password incorrect hVNC will close connection.

VNC Viewers use RFB protocol, you can read about this and you can search VNC libs at


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