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  1.  5 днів 2 000 ₴
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    Good afternoon, Victor!
    I was very interested in your project, I am ready to start right away, I will make the first screen for free before sending the contract, if everything is like, we will work further.
    I will be glad to cooperate.

  2.  3 дні 2 000 ₴
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    I can do that. This style called brutalism and I like it to.
    2000 UAH for homepage like that (web-design + HTML) .


  3.  5 днів 3 500 ₴
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    Hello Victor!
    I'm very interested in your project, ready to help you with. Please contact me for discussing of details. I can show the examples of my past work in private messages.
    Thank you!

  4.  3 дні 2 000 ₴
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    There is experience in development:
    - Landing (atlanta.international)
    - Very large corporate site (http://centr-energo.beststart.info/)
    - Online store (www.enelcab.com)
    - Social network (intracorporate): http://network.atlanta.international/
    Also: Landing (www.2illusions.org), corporate website (www.kuzovservis.com.ua/), business website (www.mgl.kiev.ua/) and many other works (including through Freelancehunt ).
    Ready to start work right now. I am an experienced programmer with more than 5 years experience.
    Advantages of working with me:
    I hand over work always in time, responsible, always in touch.

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     6 днів 7 300 ₴

    Good afternoon. I have experience more than 5 years. I can copy and program the site. To discuss the details email me.

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