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Instagram DM Chat Bot

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I am looking for someone to create a Instagram DM Chat Bot.  It must be in English, You must know how instagram bots work.

-This bot will need to allow me to enter responses. it will use in the order i set and it will respond automatically .

- it will need to be able to scrapers users from account followers or #hashtags to leave comments on accounts.

- The bot will need the ability to leave comments, follow,like and respond to DM's.

- it will need to have the option to add as many accounts as i need.

- it will have to to be able to pull dm's from request inbox to be responded to.

- Set list of hashtags or accounts to pull users from to DM .

- Set number of comments per hour

- Set time/delay between interactions and dm's

- Set list of comments my account will post

- Set how many account to unfollow at a time

- Set custom proxies per each account.

- it will need a device replicator to make Instagram think we are using a phone

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