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20 000 ₴

Looking for C# dev who knows Xamarin or want to learn it. Long-term

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Our team (7 of us are Ukraine, 3 in USA) is looking for C# developer with Xamarin knowledge or the guy who want to learn Xamarin. He will need to develop Xamarin app to replace our current native IOS & Android app


- Middle / Strong junior dev with of C# skills


- 4-8 hours per day

- Xamarin skills or willing to learn Xamarin

- English

We also have the ASP.NET MVC website, NET Core projects and you'll be able to work with it if you want

It's a long term project so we are looking someone who can join our team remotely

The working schedule is very flexible, you can work whenever you want to

The payment is hourly based, every 2 weeks using Payoneer

We don't require daily calls, time-sheets and other reporting. We always glad to help. You just do interesting tasks and have fun

  1.  1 день 20 000 ₴
    Вера Молчанова
    239     1  0

    Hello! I am interested in your project. I have never used Xamarin before, but I have strong knowledges at c#, SQL, wpf. A have an experience in development for mobile devices, but I use android studio+java. Please write more details of your project

    Україна Марківка | 28 вересня 2019 |
  2.  30 днів 20 000 ₴
    Assan M
    155     1

    Experience C #, Oracle, MsSQL, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, EnitityFramework for more than 7 years.
    Very interested in your project. Ready to learn xamarin

    Казахстан Алмати (Алма-Ата) | 28 вересня 2019 |
  3.  30 днів 20 000 ₴
    Сергей Переходов
    732     7  2   3

    Hi, I have more then 2 years experience in c# development. I have interest to learning something new. Please connect with me in telegram sergeperekhodov

    Україна Харків | 28 вересня 2019 |
  4.  30 днів 20 000 ₴
    Victor Gravenko


    Your offer is very interesting. I have been learning C# for more than 2 years. and I have an experience in developing mobile applications and knowledge SQL. I used Unity. I am ready to start learning more. Please contact me with more details.

    Україна Київ | 28 вересня 2019 |
  5.  1 день 20 000 ₴
    andriy nakar
    226     1  0

    I am interested in your offer. Can send my CV to email. Please contact me with more details.

    Україна Україна | 29 вересня 2019 |
  6.  1 день 20 000 ₴
    Максим Скачиха

    Hello. I am interested in your project. I have middle knowledges at C#, SQL and i have little experience in development for mobile devices on Xamarin. Now i'm learning ASP.NET Core and i'm ready to learn Xamarin better with you.

    Білорусь Білорусь | 1 жовтня 2019 |