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Mobile App Design

минув час актуальності


We need a good mobile app designer (APP is for IOS and android).

We finished the wire-frames stage and ready to start the design.

If you have experiance and good at this job, please apply.

* Please write in english (We can skype later in russian)

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  2. 30 днів30000 ₴
    Евгений Супонев
     3619  перевірений   28   0   1

    Good evening,Igor. I am ready to make your request. I have big expierence of making UI, UX design for web sites and mobile app, which can be downloaded in appstore and google play. My expierence of work like designer is more than 5 years. I am sending you a link with my portfolio ( web sites and mobile apps which are available now).
    Ready to discuss terms and price.
    Have a good day.
    Best regards. Evgeny Suponev.

    Україна Київ | 17 грудня 2016 |
  3. 3 дні500 ₴
    Zhambyl Zukhaa

    Can I do it?

    Казахстан Алмати (Алма-Ата) | 17 грудня 2016 |
  4. 18 днів1000 ₴
    Владимир Селянов
     2156   49   7   8

    Good day!
    I UI / UX designer

    I engaged in the design development for the sites and applications.
    Experience more than 5 years.

    My portfolio: www.behance.net/autoborodach
    Ready to run your project.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Україна Одеса | 17 грудня 2016 |
  5. 45 днів30000 ₴
    Александр К.
     1191  перевірений   11   0

    Hello, ready to take on the implementation of the work when it is convenient to discuss the details?

    Україна Київ | 18 грудня 2016 |
  6. 4 дні10000 ₽
    Денис Антонов
     623   7   0

    Hello, I offer my candidacy.
    My portfolio: https://www.behance.net/voot
    Please, I will be glad to cooperate with you.

    Contact Information:
    skype: Voot_design
    e-mail: advoot_A_gmail.com

    Україна Бердянськ | 18 грудня 2016 |
  7. 7 днів200 ₴
    ghhhj gffgh
     190   2   0


    I'm Valentine, UI/UX Designer. I have a lot of experience in creating wireframes, prototypes (also, interactive prototypes - invision, marvel, principle), UI design (UI Kits, designing mockups in sketch app, etc. ) for Web and iOS/Android applications.

    My portfolio - https://www.behance.net/sincemybirthh
    And my dribbble - https://dribbble.com/sincemybirthh

    Skype - akemi1235

    Looking forward to work with you,

    Австралія Gibraltar | 18 грудня 2016 |
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  9. 7 днів700 ₴
    Виталий Волчок

    I'm ready to develop the app. See my previous projects:

    Україна Одеса | 25 грудня 2016 |
  10. 31 день90000 ₽
    Arthur Mineev

    I’m mobile UI/UX designer.
    I have an a strong understanding of usability, color and balance. I can interact with the developers, make a beautiful design and mobile animation. My mission is to make each project unique, memorable and user-friendly.

    Attached is an example of my past work

    My portfolio:

    I’m not only doing the daily design work, but also pushing forward by coming up with some great ideas.

    Regards, Arthur

    Росія Москва | 28 грудня 2016 |
  11. 21 день5000 ₴
    Мария Фетищева

    Good day! I'm interested in working on this project with you. I have experience in web and UI design, including mobile application design. Got a good eye for colour and shape, as well as knowledge of usability principles. Also good English level for communication.

    You can check out my works here:

    [email protected]
    Skype - metallichibi

    Україна Запоріжжя | 29 грудня 2016 |
  12. 3 дні15000 ₴
    Иван Паславский
     351   6   4

    I'm in

    Австралія Австралія | 30 грудня 2016 |

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