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Renders and PSD post Proccesing

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    14 днів3 000 ₴

    Hi! I will render 15x with Posing Characters, environment preparation, lighting and post-processing with Photoshop like Smoke, particle speed or speed, etc.
    can I get full information and models/images?

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    1 день3 000 ₴

    I am engaged in 3d modeling and 3d visualization, as well as the development of concepts of varying degrees of complexity of architectural projects and not only, interior and exterior design, product design, development of furniture prototypes and industrial design for mass production. Knowledge in ergonomics, regulatory framework in the field of design. Great practical experience. Creative approach to work. I work in 3ds Max 2021 + V-Ray 5 + Corona 6.2, SketchUp 2021 + V-Ray 5, AutoCAD 2021, Revit 2021, Photoshop 2021, Lumion 11, After Effects 2021, Archicad 24. My portfolio http://3ddomkiev.wixsite.com/3ddom , Behance

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    30 днів3 000 ₴

    Hello, my name is Dmitry.
    I am ready to work on a permanent basis.
    Hope for cooperation.
    I have a couple of questions and would like to ask them.
    Thank you, sincerely Dmitry.

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    1 день4 000 ₴

    Hello . have experience in processing such photos.
    ready to make the test work.

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    1 день3 000 ₴

    So interested in your project! I wold like to do it! I have been doing 3D graphics for 5 years, have enouph extensive experience in visualization and a post proccesing in Photoshop. Waiting for yiu reply)

    Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/gold_arms
    Google Drive

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    1 день3 000 ₴

    Добрый день, выполню ваш заказ быстро и качественно по вашему ТЗ, цену обговорим, выполню тест, пишите обсудим детали

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    2 дні3 000 ₴

    Hello. I am a 3d artist, I worked a lot and processed renders from the Camera Row