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T Shirt Designer - 50 designs per month - Designer 2

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I actually need 3 designers but Freelancehunt only lets me choose 1, so I am posting same job 3 times.

I am in need of 100 t-shirt designs over the time period of 1 - 2 months.

Your task will be simple. I will send you a list of ideas for t-shirts that I would like created and I would like you to be artistic and creative to recreate the idea in your own style. For example, I may send you a niche category or link and I would like your unique spin on the idea to create a more visually appealing design.

I would like to hire for a long term position. Once you have completed the first batch of 100 designs, 4-5 per day, then we could continue the work if everything looks good.

I will require links to any artwork used to make sure that the artwork used in the designs is available to use for commercial use. Copyright infringing designs, images, and unlicensed fonts that aren't available in the public domain will not be accepted.

Please send me some examples of your previous t-shirt designs to be considered.

I look forward to doing business with you!

  1. 60 днів900 ₴
    София Закржевская
     719  перевірений   6   0

    will be glad to cooperate with you. I draw both in raster and vector graphics. I try myself in different styles. All the designs I designed will be exclusively author's work.

    Україна Київ | 15 листопада 2017 |
  2.  фрілансер більше не працює на сервісі
  3. 1 день36000 ₴
    Сергей Бережной
     298   1   0

    Hey. Ready to cooperate. Tell me more about the work. I work in many ways. See the portfolio.

    Україна Кривий Ріг | 16 листопада 2017 |
  4. 2 дні500 ₴
    Левон Оганесян
     285   2   0

    I'm very interested in your project
    here is my portfolio
    I can do a test task during the day
    can you please an example of works that you would like to see on your T-shirts

    Україна Запоріжжя | 20 листопада 2017 |
  1. 60 днів250000 ₴
    Александр Шевчук
     686   14   0


    Україна Костянтинівка | 15 листопада 2017 |
  2. 30 днів1000 ₴
    Marina Art
     473   7   1

    Very interesting cooperation with you. I am engaged in creating original vector drawings from patterns. See examples of my works: https://www.behance.net/forest_art
    The price is for 1 design. The price is indicative and is discussed. Depends on the complexity of the drawings

    Україна Дніпро | 15 листопада 2017 |
  3. ставка прихована фрілансером
  4. 1 день300 ₴
    Константин Дерлюк
     562   6   0

    Interested in your offer.
    Interested in what price are you willing to offer?
    My works can be seen here https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/Constantin_D.html

    Україна Луцьк | 16 листопада 2017 |
  • Данііл П.
    Поскаржитися | 15 листопада 2017 |

    Hi,  Can you attach some examples of level what you expect?

  • О оплате ни слова.  Давайте присылайте свои работы, делайте 4-5 в день по заданию целый месяц. О чем еще мечтать?

  • В другом, таком же объявлении исполнитель уже выбран. 

  • Я исполнитель в другом. На вопрос показать примеры дизайна который он хочет - молчит, спросил только о цене и ушел в молчанку. Что то мне кажется что данный заказчик хочет один дизайн за 1$

  • сергей кушнир
    Поскаржитися | 17 листопада 2017 |

    что-то мне кажется, что это ещё очень щедро будет - три проекта, только в одном что-то про цену

  • Nick Ellsmore — замовник проекту
    Поскаржитися | 16 листопада 2017 |

    I am based in the UK. When I posted the job yesterday it was 11pm - That is why it has taken a long time to reply - because I was sleeping.  I will try to answer all questions if they are in English. Many thanks.

    I am looking for 3 designers so you will see this project posted 3 times.

    I have already selected 1 designer, so now looking for 2 more.

  • Hello! How much money do you pay? What is the wage scheme? Examples of the work you need! People do not understand!

  • Nick Ellsmore — замовник проекту
    Поскаржитися | 16 листопада 2017 |

    Thank you for your message. I will try and make the project more simple.

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