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Site security on WordPress

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Wordpress security, malware, plugin vulnerability

Site security on WordPress

Security problems of WordPress sites are extremely relevant in our time. while  some people are interested in your content, there are others who who want to break it or steal, may be it’s your competitors or, for the most part, people who are just hunting for easy money. According to statistics, WordPress content management system is one of the most popular (что…?), , it provides services to the 4-th part of all the Internet resources. With a huge range, thus, making  WordPress a target of interest for hackers who are constantly developing their techniques to harm your content, the safety of your clients and so on. WordPress is an actively updated system and tries to protect users from various malware attacks, increases the resistance of plugins and provides new security services like The CobWeb Internal Scanner.

 Firstly, the safety of your website in general depends

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