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Соединение функциональности двуз модулей на ОпенКарт

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We're looking for a capable PHP developer with experience on OpenCart. We will take care of all front-end design aspect of the project.

What we basically need is create a custom advanced review OpenCart extension that will be tied up to an existing Rewards extension and survey creator extension we will purchase.

These are the extensions we would like to use:

For Rewards System:

For Survey:

The flow of the website is basically like this:

1. Points are going to be used like a currency (rewards points extended function) to "purchase" products, but will use real money to pay for shipping.

2. By signing up on the website, points will automatically be awarded to the new user. Points cannot be bought, they will be acquired when users reviews a product, rates a product, or answers a survey.

3. Reviews will be shown publicly, but only registered users can review. Review items will show reviewer's additional information about reviewer such as the number of reviews done, skin type, hair color, etc.

Some stuff to take note of:

- Reviews Module should allow custom ratings for some products, but not all.

- Feedback text will have to be approved by moderator first. Once approved, corresponding points will be awarded to user.

- Not all products will have survey link. If product has survey, user will only have the option to complete it once they have finished accomplishing the items on the Review Module. If they complete the survey, they will get corresponding points.

- User will get automatic 10 points if it's their birthday.

- Items needing review will show up on User's profile page.

- User can only post one review per product and can only answer the survey once.

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