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On the screen there will be video continuously. However When some people touch the screen The first page of the pdf will appear. Reale Logo on the center. And it says touch to enter.

If the client touches the screen it enters to the menu where we have all the models (page 2 of the pdf)

If the client select a model it will go to the submenu of the model (page 3 of the pdf) where he/she can select to view profile or layout or renderings of the model. (Page 4-5-6 of the pdf)

If I click to one of the renderings I can view the photo in full screen or big etc.

And if you don’t touch for some seconds (like I don’t know 10-15sec) the video comes back to play

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    Готов сделать для тебя презентацию
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    Could you please share some more info regarding the pitch deck goal? I'm able to integrate a part of interactiveness described in the job description but I would like to hear more how the audience will use it.

    I create pitch-decks for the brands and the emotional meaning of them at the same time. Within text, colors, and form I create a wish to try.

    My portfolio:


    Tell me more about your task here: @mariagorbik (Telegram)


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