Додайте свій проект безкоштовно і почніть отримувати пропозиції від фрілансерів-виконавців вже через хвилини після публікації!
500 ₴

Спеціаліст shopify, бюджет обговрюється

проект не виконано

Є декілкьа задач https://lujo-living-sandbox.myshopify.com/

Якщо зробите є ще декілкьа на трішки більшу суму, завдання достатньо прості

Product – Desktop

  • Can you add “Tulum Collection” below Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs” – in a lighter or smaller font
    • Not Complete, should be under product page title and have the ability to be changed per product.
  • Can you add download specs box. This would be individual per product and as such will need to be able to be modified per product. If a product does not have the specs file, nothing should show.
    • Please check out the updated PSD with the "Spec" section added. I included it a couple emails back. The spec section will be different for each product, so you'll need to build in the functionality to have a different spec sheet on each page. You'll also need to hide this field if no spec sheet is available.
  • Praise copy - Font size and leading should be smaller
    • Incomplete (Should be even smaller than product page copy)

Product – Desktop

  • Could quantity + and – arrows be a bit bigger so they are easier to touch?
    • Can you update the alignment of the plus and minus arrows to match quantity. They are misaligned.
  • Fabric, Components, Care and Beans should all be extendable sections as well
    • Incomplete (Praise Button not working as it should, not populating content. Please check this on mobile)

About – Desktop

  • Let’s put the video below the Core Values, then the rest of copy. Please add lorum ipsum copy to bottom of page above header for now. 
    • Missing dummy text below core values. Please add.
    • Also please make the video load without a popup. Like the homepage videos. They load in the page itself.

For the blog, please checkout the PDF which I attached earlier. I think its close on the structure. Just needs the updated styling.

PDF - PSD додам по запиту, обираю виконавця швидко, роботи на прау годин. 

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Завадання не виконане. Загалом супер безвідповідальна людина, просто супер безвідповідальна!

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