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1000 ₽

Translation, rewrite

минув час актуальності

There is such a site -   http://indiacircuit.com/

We need to rewrite the information in the items Product & Technology and Design Aid

Our services coincide with the English company, so we need to do a deep rewriting and compilation from their website. It is necessary at once to compile from English.

Pictures are also desirable to insert into the Word. I attach the source, (sections are identical from the site). 10.000 characters without spaces. The payment for this work is 1000 rub. 

 Here is the good dictionary of terms -   http://indiacircuit.com/our-products/   which will need to be used in translation. 

In the translated text, you need to insert all the pictures and tables from the source (you do not need to translate, you 

only need to translate the text. The translation should be made in Russian and understandable for the reader's simple language. It is also right to arrange such basic terms as:

boards circuit   -PRINTING the boards the Rigid-the the the the Flex circuit boards flex-rigid printed circuit boards  
Flexible circuit boards   flexible circuit boards of The High frequency The circuit boards of of The high-frequency The circuit boards of The of of The Metal coreboards circuit   printed circuit boards with metal base Vias transitional holes of The Blind vias Blind vias
Buried vias prehodnye holes hidden prehodnye

Please check all post below for translation   Aluminum PCB  , Flexible PCB 

For all pages   Single Side PCB    ,   Double Side PCB    ,    Multi Layer PCB Multi Layer PCB  


sam patil
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30 листопада 2017
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