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17000 ₴

Translation of software manual (entreprise asset management), EN-RU, 30k words

минув час актуальності

We are looking for a translator experienced in economic/business/IT fields to translate a user manual for a EAM-software (EAM=enterprise asset management). The job is already confirmed, so you can start working asap. CAT tool – Memsource (a web or desktop editor will do). No Memsource licence is required, I will provide an access to our Memsource account. 

Scope: approximately 30000 words 

Deadline: 23d of December 2016. 

Budget: 600-750 USD per project 

I cannot provide a sample due to confidentiality issues, but you may look at the open sources (e.g. docs.oracle.com/cd/E18727... to have an idea what kind of the text is to be translated. 

A small test translation (200-300 words) will be required!  

Please contact me only if you are an experienced translator in the required field.  

Please provide the following: 

1) a detailed CV with the description of the successfully performed projects in the required field (software user manual for the economics/finance/business related industries) 

2) your best rate (PER WORD) in USD. 

3) sample translation (if any) of software manuals 

4) description of your experience with CAT tools and your comment on the possibility to work in Memsource (licence is not required – I will provide one) 

Thank you so much!. 

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  1. 6 днів45000 ₽
    Дамир Тураев
     601   19   1

    Ready to get to work asap. Profeesional translator, work with translation agencies.

    Росія Москва | 17 грудня 2016 |
  2. 1 день17000 ₴
    Игорь Смойлов
     2752   104   0

    Ready to work with you. Price and deadline is your. I guarantee only manual high-quality translation. Price is $0.017 per word. Please write your email for sending test sample.

    Україна Київ | 17 грудня 2016 |
  3. 4 дні17000 ₴
    Eve Stokoloss
     1109   57   1

    I can do it 🙂

    Україна Харків | 17 грудня 2016 |
  4. 5 днів17000 ₴
    Станислав Стегняк
     712   28   0

    I'm ready to take up the project, as well as complete the test translation.
    I'm experienced in IT field and translations of manuals/guides/documentation, and fairly competent in business field (mostly academic writing). As for the open source sample test, its subject and terms are familiar to me.
    My rate per word is 0.022 USD.
    If you are interested, I can provide the required documents and detailed information in a private message.
    Looking forward to your response.

    Україна Київ | 17 грудня 2016 |
  5. 1 день1700 ₴
    Игорь Нечупуренко
     291   4   1

    Ready to work with you. Price and deadline is your. I have four years experinece in translation. Please write on my mail:[email protected]

    Україна Україна | 17 грудня 2016 |
  6. 5 днів30000 ₴
    Ruslan Ishmuhametov

    I have experience working with technical teskt in different areas. I work with a team of specialists. We can connect to a team of linguists readable material.

    Росія Стерлітамак | 17 грудня 2016 |
  7.  1416 
    83   46   0

    3 дні1000 ₴
    Андрей Олейник перевірений 

    Буду рад помочь, обращайтесь, обсудим, моя цена 50 грн. за 1800 зн.

    Україна Херсон | 18 грудня 2016 |
  8. 5 днів17000 ₴
    Дмитрий Валанцевич
     180   1   0

    0.015 USD/word. I will complete on due time. I have experience translating via SDL Trados. Working through Memsource is possible. On previous experience, I have completed a manual on UltraSound Imaging Device Toshiba Aplio XG and Nuclear Power Plant Construction Works. No example is available due to confidentiality issues. I would be pleased to complete your test task.

    Україна Одеса | 18 грудня 2016 |
  9. 1 день200 ₴
    Валерий Духнич
     194   2   0

    Hi. I have 20 years of experience in translation in the required field. English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. CAT Trados, Memsource, Promt.
    Would be glad to help you.
    E. mail [email protected]
    With best regards,

    Україна Київ | 19 грудня 2016 |

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