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VBA specialist

минув час актуальності

We're looking now is VB(script) for the MS Office. The application we are going to develop should fetch some data
from the external server over the HTTP(s) protocol, filter it and format into the [adjustable] layout specified by the customer. In other words, a reporting system based inside the MS Office. The data provider (the server) is controlled by us, hence the data structure might be negotiable.
We have a prototype developed, and now we're looking for someone to implement this with the production quality.
One important requirement, which may affect the selection procedure, is the support for the Mac OS version of the MS Office. And the client is very picky on the details of the visual layout.

Start: Soonest possible
Location: Remote
Language: English

If you are interested in such a possibility, please contact us.
[email protected]
ICQ 343979915

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25 вересня 2008
68 переглядів
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