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7000 ₴

Video editor

минув час актуальності

We need a video editor who can create bright and colorful sales videos for our health books. We are looking for someone who can mix imagination and template in one! One video is about 60-minutes long.  

We will provide you with the script and audio, as well as an access to a photo and video stock.  Here is a small example of what we want from you: https://goo.gl/Ao1jEV  

We need you to make a test video (a small one 1-2 minutes long) to show how you see the concept. You can send your test and offer to [email protected] 

Here is a script for the video (you can use any audio for now): 

Daddy, I heard in school that if you are a fat you can die sooner… 

I don’t want you to die daddy… 

These innocent words of my daughter changed my life… 

How I went from this… An overweight diabetic with a heart of a 60-year-old, I had allergies, I couldn’t sleep, my blood pressure was through the roof… I was depressed, scared, my love life was in ruin, and I didn’t know if I would see my daughter graduate college…. I went from this to reversing my diabetes, normalizing my blood pressure, losing over 60 pounds of fat, and regaining my life back… 

Hi, my name is Steven Bowman, and I want to share my incredible story with you today… How I discovered some shocking information, which has transformed my life completely… A simple, yet powerful technique which has allowed me to lose over 60 pounds of weight… 

Reverse all my nasty ailments and symptoms… 

And do it in mere weeks… 

And you might not believe it when it’s going to happen to you too in record time…

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  1. 1 день7000 ₴
    Anzhej Garson

    Hello, my name is Angey. I represent the company "Cg-Cats". 1. 3D-modeling (visualization) 2. Interior (Exterior) visualization 3. Promo (Promotional) rollers 4.Kino (Animation), special effects Link to our portfolio: http: //cgcats.org/gallery.php If you are interested in our proposal, you can contact us at these addresses: [email protected] (E-mail of the Director-General) https://vk.com/3dtelahasy(page at) https://vk.com/cgcats_sup vamonos_s (Skype) [email protected] (Marketing Department) A small show-ril of our works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6o_dsIBua7o

    Україна Київ | 18 листопада 2017 |
  2. 1 день7000 ₴
    Олександр Карголь

    Hi!My name is Olexandr. I am an experienced video editor. Here are my works:

    Україна Луцьк | 18 листопада 2017 |
  3. 7 днів7000 ₴
    Владимир Коляда
     310   2   0

    Hello, Steven Bowman, my name is, Vladimir Kolyada. I'm a photographer as a videographer, and I also do post-processing of video and photos. I'm in Odessa, I want to propose for a long-term cooperation.
    To work on your task, I need the entire 100% material and script with the most accurate description of the task.

    My examples of works you can see on the link below
    Open to suggestions.


    Привет, Стивен Боумен, меня зовут, Владимир Коляда . Я фотограф видеооператор , атакже занимаюсь постобработкой видео и фото. Нахожусь в Одессе, хочу предложить длгосрочное сотрудничество.
    Для работы над вашим задание мне нужен весь 100% материал и сценарий с максимально точным описанием поставленной задачи.

    Мои примеры работ вы можете увидеть по ссылке ниже
    Открыт к предложениям.

    Україна Одеса | 18 листопада 2017 |
  4. 4 дні6000 ₴
    Артем Гулицкий


    Pingvin.PROduction is ready to assist you in creation of a professional movie with a voice-over.
    We have a good experience and reviews of our customers.

    The price for edditing one video of 60 minutes long is UAH 6000. The final price will be provided upon arrangement of all effects.

    You can find our videos bellow.

    Kind regards

    Our works -
    1. Review of Nokia
    https://youtu.be/1gUFO3G3WRw?t=220 t
    2. Interesting edditing
    3. Video for exhibition -
    4. Electro car Tesla -
    5. Electro bike  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWgwV7UyBLA&t=48s
    6. Advertising of a product

    Україна Київ | 19 листопада 2017 |

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