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Video translation and transcript - Russian to English

3000 ₴

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    1 день3000 ₴

    I would like to translate and make transcripts for videos. I have done such tasks a lot of times.

  2. 1163    35  1   2
    1 день3000 ₴

    Hello! I will do all the translations you need. And transcription also. Professionally.
    Please write me in private messages to get conversation. Thanks!

  3. 210  
    5 днів3000 ₴

    Dear Sir, I would be happy to start working with you. My English level is B2. An example of my translations is in my portfolio: Freelancehunt
    I guarantee the quality of this task and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. 403    10  0
    4 дні3000 ₴

    I'm interested in your project and will be happy to work with you.
    I'm translator and philologist.
    Want to know more details about project.
    We can also discuss all details in private messages.

  5. ставка прихована фрилансером
  6. ставка прихована фрилансером
  7. ставка прихована фрилансером
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    3 дні3000 ₴

    Dear Viktorija,
    I'm ready to do this task as professional as possible.
    Being an experienced translator/interpreter, I'm also a great fan of cosmetics, beauty videos, etc.
    Please, let me know more details of this project in private messages.
    Thank you.

  9. 446    13  0
    5 днів3000 ₴

    Hello viktorija!
    I'd be glad to help you.
    I'm experienced both in translation and transcription.
    Let's discuss the details!

  10. 254    3  0
    1 день3000 ₴

    Готов приступить к выполнению!
    Подробно можем обсудить в ЛС, пишите обо всем договоримся!

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    3 дні3000 ₴


    I lived 3 years un UK, worked at Lenovo.
    I'm interested in your project

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    5 днів3000 ₴

    I would love to assist! Please, kindly provide the links to all videos.

  13.  фрилансер більше не працює на сервісі
  14.  фрилансер більше не працює на сервісі
  15. ставка прихована фрилансером
  16. 71  
    5 днів3000 ₴

    Здравствуйте,меня зовут Яна. Готова выполнить работу качественно и оперативно

  17.  фрилансер більше не працює на сервісі
  18.  фрилансер більше не працює на сервісі
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    3 дні3000 ₴

    Dear Viktorija,
    I have the necessary experience to accomplish your task. You can see a similar example in my portfolio.
    My advanced level of English is confirmed by Cambridge Business English (C1) certificate.
    I can complete the project within 3 days.
    I'd be delighted to work with you!

  20. 252    1  0
    1 день3000 ₴

    Hello, Viktorija!
    I will gladly do your task, as I have been an interpreting live speeches from Russian to English for 2,5 years.
    I am well acquainted with cosmetics and make-up terminology as a long-time fan of Youtube makeup artists.
    Ready to do the job in 1 day.
    Please PM to discuss.

  21. 520    35  0
    2 дні3000 ₴

    Hello) I will be glad to help you with your project. I work as a translator for more than 8 years and have experience in transcribing interviews in English. I am also interested in this topic, so it will be a great pleasure for me to work. Let's discuss the details.

  22. 345    16  0
    7 днів3000 ₴

    I will be happy to help you with the translation.
    My English level is C1.
    Let's discuss the details of the project.
    Thank you.

  23. 136  
    3 дні3000 ₴

    Hey, I am ready to translate and make transcripts. I have already experience in such tasks as I have translated many videos for one youtube channel. Furthermore, I have made subtitles for some videos. You can see the examples of my work in my portfolio. I'll be glad to help you!

  24. 1371    36  0
    20 днів3000 ₴

    Добрый вечер. Готова обсудить детали проекта. Есть подобный опыт работы. Обращайтесь.

  25. 133  
    5 днів3000 ₴

    Good evening, Victorija.
    I'm Inna and I got the bachelor's degree in Linguistics.
    I work with texts my experience in translation on level.
    Moreover my last work was wrote out the texts from the English video to make Russian one after that.
    Let's try to work.

  26.  фрилансер більше не працює на сервісі
  27. 128  
    3 дні3000 ₴

    Hello Viktorija!
    It would be my pleasure to perform this task. I have a degree in Translation Studies as well as the experience in subtitling. I have also translated catalogues for cosmetic inc. so I am aware of the topic.
    Please, write me in private if you are interested.

  28. 159  
    1 день3000 ₴

    I`m interested in your projects and I have a lot of experience working with such tasks.
    My level of English is B1, and I can easily write texts in this language.
    I guarantee the quality of my work!
    Price - 3000 hryvnia.
    Term - 1 day.
    If you are interested in my offer, then contact me in the personal messages of the site, we will discuss possible details.

    I hope for our cooperation! ;)

  29. ставка прихована фрилансером
  30. 81  
    2 дні30 000 ₽

    I'd like to take a job for you.
    I have never been practicing before.
    But I am reading books and watching movies in English.
    And I sure I can handle it.
    With great regards, Alexander.

  31. 72  
    2 дні2999 ₴

    Hi there!
    I would like to help you with this task.

    I like make up tutorials ;)
    Please do not hesitate to contact me back

  32. 305  
    2 дні3000 ₴

    Interested in your project, ready to start work right now. We can discuss the possibilities of cooperation in a private message.
    I provide translation in any format convenient for you.

  • Владимир Гриценко
    28 січня 2020, 14:18 |

    Do you need a translation presented as subtitles linked to the video or it might be just a separate text document?

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