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Writing a poem for English Native Speakers Only

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Hi guys!

I'm looking for English Native Speaking Writer who could create a poem of 25 lines for intro video for mobile adventure game. Will be happy working with you if you are the one! All the detailes on responce

You salary is 40$, but we are able to discuss it

  1. 2 дні1100 ₴
    Yuriy Olean

    Rhyme is my friend. Not a native speaker, but a friend of mine is. We often work on projects together. We both are English teachers. Let me know if interested

    Україна Ужгород | 31 грудня 2016 |
  2. 2 дні1100 ₴
    Вадим Тарасенко
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    A professional writer.
    In his novels using the verses of his own composition.
    I know English well.
    I am pleased that'll work.
    My portfolio:

    Skype: greyvolk007

    Україна Україна | 31 грудня 2016 |
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    3 дні1100 ₴

    I'd like to take part in your project. I'm an author of some Russian poems and articles in English: http://nyam-nyamki.livejournal.com/2183310.html
    So, I think it'll be possible for me to create a literate English composition for you. In addition, I have an opportunity to consult with a native speaker who lives in Boston.

    Україна Харків | 4 січня 2017 |
  4. 2 дні1100 ₴
    Дмитрий Белый
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    Hello! I'd like to take part in this interesting project. Also I can attach examples of my work in English

    Україна Миколаїв | 3 січня 2017 |

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